Month: March 2022

Bluegrass Community and Technical College’s Marketing Secret Ingredient – Transit Advertising

When picking where to go for college, most people don’t make that a spur of the moment decision. That’s why places of higher education like Lexington’s Bluegrass Community and Technical College see transit advertising as a smart marketing decision, and have loved the medium for years. “Having an annual contract with Adsposure is fantastic because… Read more »

Congratulations to Adsposure Transit Awards Winners!

The results are in! We were blown away by the number of votes nominees received throughout the 3-week campaign of our first ever Transit Awards. Thanks to nearly 11 thousand votes, we were able to select clear winners in every category. The Adsposure Transit Awards are a way to recognize the efforts of marketing teams… Read more »

Adsposure and DART: Working together to benefit the Greater Des Moines Area

Walking through the streets of Iowa’s capital, it’s hard to miss the vibrant ads that cover most of DART’s buses. In fact, one could happily sit at DART offices and just watch the buses drive in and out of their transit hub all day and just enjoy the artistry. Since 2016 Adsposure has partnered with… Read more »